student story: my life

My story begins before I was born, my parents were going to have a baby before my older sister was born. He/she died before it was born, it was hard on my parents.

Next my older sister was born and a year and 11 months later I was born. But something was wrong, I had a really bad breathing problem, I had to stay in the hospital for an extra three days. This problem continued through preschool and I grew out of it right before kindergarden.

This was hard for me. I was a non-christian k-3 grade and I truly accepted Christ in 4th grade. It was mainly because I need Him. My cousin had attempted killing herself. That was hard on me because this was a first, I've been in private school my whole life, and I have been sheltered from the bad things in the world.

And just to add to the horrible things my grandfather had taken a really bad fall and passed away. At the end of 5th grade my family thought God was calling us to move, but he told us to stay after a few months we had to homeschool for those months, but sadly a teacher at the private school I had gone to before got sick with cancer, and my mother is currently substituting for her.

I am currently attending a Christian School, but it is possible I'm not going to be back there next year. I need prayers for strength. For if we do not go back to this school my life will be turned upside down.

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