Jay Reynolds (MSM Director)
Family Info: Liz (wife), Coali (dog), Citgo (cat)
Where I Am From: Outside of Pittsburgh in California, PA
Favorite Movie: Most all of the MCU Movies: like Avengers, Captain America, & Spiderman
Favorite Band: hmmm… 94.7 WQDR and talk radio
Favorite Food: Stromboli, Chinese, Italian, and just about anything
Interesting Fact: I spent 7.5 years in the Army National Guard.

Shelly White (Student Ministry Team Leader)
Family Info: Married to an amazing man, Kevin. Son, 2 daughters and a daughter in law. No pets- highly allergic!
Where I Am From: Originally from Detroit, MI, drug to NC by parents at 16y, now call Cary, NC home!
Favorite Movie: Return of the Titans
Favorite Band: AC/DC still gets my fists pumping but country sings my soul these days: Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert & more
Favorite Food: vegan chocolate chips
Interesting Fact:  hmmmmm

Sarah Beth Holt (MSM Small Groups Curriculum)
Family Info: I have one really amazing younger sister who lives in Raleigh & my awesome parents live just north of Atlanta in Marietta, GA. All my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins live in either VA or Jersey. They are all best!
Where I Am From: I just moved here from just north of Hotlanta in Marietta, GA!! Go Braves and Go Dawgs!!
Favorite Movie: Okay, go ahead and label me a nerd because I'm a huge Tolkien fan - so I'd say my fav currently is Return of the King.
Favorite Band:  The Who, Mumford & Sons, Queen, The Lumineers, Lecrae and Beyonce
Favorite Food: Mostly I just love food! Snickers Ice Cream Bars are on the top of my list though
Interesting Fact: For one summer I was a nanny - for a llama named Tina and a goat named Daisy. I bottlefed them so they would follow me around the camp wherever I walked we all lived and they'd follow me around. It was pretty awesome and pretty random!!! I'd do it again if my apartment bosses would let me.

Justin Thompson (MSM Pastor at Morrisville Campus)
Family Info: Married to Michelle. We have 3 kiddos: Avelyn, Bryce, and Beckett.
Where I Am From: I grew up in Kernersville, NC. Our family relocated from Concord, NC.
Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park & Finding Nemo
Favorite Band: This changes every other week. My top Spotify playlist would include Coldplay, Hillsong United & Hootie and the Blowfish.
Favorite Food: Anything my wife makes
Interesting Fact: I am a huge sports fan. UNC Tarheels, Carolina Panthers and the New York Yankees are my teams. I am over competitive when it comes to playing board games, but I am terrible at golf. I dance in the car and I have never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies. I can only drink hot coffee in the winter but can down iced coffee all day, every day. I would rather watch a YouTube video of roller coasters than find myself riding one. When I was 6 I consumed an entire bottle of Scope believing that it would turn me into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Luckily it didn’t work. I absolutely love spending time with my family.

Caleb White (MSM Pastor at Raleigh Campus)
Family Info: Married to Kari; We have two kids: Corban (8) and Brielle (6), and our dog, Johnny.
Where I Am From: I grew up in central Iowa. We lived in northern Minnesota for 3 years (our kids were both born in Duluth, MN). We just moved to NC from central Iowa after being “home” for 6 years.
Favorite Movie: I can get into just about any kind of movie. I like time-piece action/drama like Gladiator and Last of the Mohicans. I like comedies in the line of Nacho Libre and Talledega Nights. I really enjoy family movies like Finding Nemo and the Toy Story movies. But, the 6-hour epic western, Lonesome Dove is my all-time favorite movie.
Favorite Band: I go in waves and seasons when it comes to music. I have fewer favorite bands then I do genres. You can find me listening to anything from 90s-2000s rock to post-hardcore to worship to instrumental to bluegrass/folk.
Favorite Food: I love me some breakfast food. The question is often posed: if you could eat one thing for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Obviously, the answer is breakfast burritos… with a side of donuts.
Interesting Fact: I want to be a cowboy when I grow up. My dream vacation is to ride a horse along the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. I really like to cook, especially with my wife. I can speak in memes & GIFs. I was a wilderness instructor, and I love canoe trips. I was NEVER going to be a youth pastor…but Jesus had a different plan, and I can’t imagine doing anything different.

Tyler Bryan (MSM Pastor at Apex Campus)
Family Info: Tyler has been married to his wife, Kelley, for 6 years and they have a 3-year old son, Zac, who seems to have no sense of fear and thrives off of adrenaline.
Where I Am From: I am originally from Houston, TX
Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko
Favorite Band: (of all time) Taking Back Sunday; (currently) The Story So Far
Favorite Food: Sushi
Interesting Fact: I have been going grey since I was 14 years old. (Maybe more to come?)

Ayren Nelson (MSM Coordinator at Apex Campus)
Family Info: 24 years old. All of my family still lives back home in Louisiana. I have a brother and sister that are 17 and 21 years younger than me, respectively.
Where I Am From: Originally from New Orleans, LA
Favorite Movie: 1st place tie – Toy Story and the Prestige
Favorite Band: Coldplay (Best road trip music!! Just press shuffle and let Chris Martin take you away)
Favorite Food: Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 4th meal)
Interesting Fact: Until I was 14 years old, I dreamed of wrestling for the WWE
I’ve been electrocuted 3 times