Jay Reynolds (MSM Director)
Family Info: Liz (wife), Coali (dog), Citgo (cat)
Where I Am From: Outside of Pittsburgh in California, PA
Favorite Movie: Avengers
Favorite Band: hmmm… 94.7 WQDR and talk radio
Favorite Food: Stromboli, Chinese, Italian, and just about anything
Interesting Fact: I spent 7.5 years in the Army National Guard.

Shelly White (Student Ministry Team Leader)
Family Info: Married to an amazing man, Kevin. Son, 2 daughters and a daughter in law. No pets- highly allergic!
Where I Am From: Originally from Detroit, MI, drug to NC by parents at 16y, now call Cary, NC home!
Favorite Movie: Return of the Titans
Favorite Band: AC/DC still gets my fists pumping but country sings my soul these days: Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert & more
Favorite Food: vegan chocolate chips
Interesting Fact:  hmmmmm

Sarah Beth Holt (MSM Small Groups Curriculum)
Family Info: I have one really amazing younger sister who lives in Raleigh & my awesome parents live just north of Atlanta in Marietta, GA. All my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins live in either VA or Jersey. They are all best!
Where I Am From: I just moved here from just north of Hotlanta in Marietta, GA!! Go Braves and Go Dawgs!!
Favorite Movie: Okay, go ahead and label me a nerd because I'm a huge Tolkien fan - so I'd say my fav currently is Return of the King.
Favorite Band:  The Who, Mumford & Sons, Queen, The Lumineers, Lecrae and Beyonce
Favorite Food: Mostly I just love food! Snickers Ice Cream Bars are on the top of my list though
Interesting Fact: For one summer I was a nanny - for a llama named Tina and a goat named Daisy. I bottlefed them so they would follow me around the camp wherever I walked we all lived and they'd follow me around. It was pretty awesome and pretty random!!! I'd do it again if my apartment bosses would let me.

Jessica Woltz (MSM Apex Campus Coordinator)
Family Info: Taylor - dog, but I grew up here in Apex and all my family is still in town including my sweet 5 year old nephew Wyatt
Where I Am From: Apex, NC (the Peak of good living)
Favorite Movie:  Casablanca
Favorite Band: Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Favorite Food: queso 🙂
Interesting Fact: I collect my quarters all year long to take to the state fair and play bingo 🙂 sadly they didn't have bingo this year, here's to hoping next year it returns.