Squad Nights

Squad Nights

Currently offered at Morrisville Campus

SQUADS /skwäds/ - A squad is defined as a crew, a posse: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of unity. Our squads are groups of middle school students who live, play, and attend schools in a specific geographic area around a Hope Campus. Each squad is unique, has it’s own flavor, and goes all out to represent its crew at our monthly Hazardous by wearing their squad color (Apex Campus Area- Purple Squad, Morrisville Campus Area- Gold Squad, Raleigh Campus Area- Green Squad).

SQUAD NIGHTS /skwäd nīts/ - Our squads are groups of middle school students who live, play, and attend schools in a specific geographic area around a Hope Campus. To make it even easier to build community and relationships, these Squad Nights take place in or near local Hope Campus areas on specific Tuesday nights during the year. Squad Nights are all about building community with your local squad! These nights are to invest into those friendships, have fun, free food, all in a safe place to experience the “life to the full” that Jesus spoke of. The best part of squad nights is YOUR STUDENT being part of the squad!

January 16 :: Morrisville Campus
January 30 :: Morrisville Campus
February 13 :: Morrisville Campus
February 27 :: Defy Gravity in Durham.
March 13 :: Morrisville Campus
March 27 :: Morrisville Campus
April 24 :: Morrisville Campus
May 8 :: Morrisville Campus

What is the difference between Hazardous and Squad Nights?
Hazardous is when we bring all of Hope's campuses together. Hazardous focuses on the entire Middle School Ministry for Hope. Squad Nights are meant to appeal to the culture and community at each campus. As Hope continues to grow, Squad Nights will allow each campus to focus on building community that makes the most sense for them.

When is Hazardous?
Great question. You can find Spring 2018 dates (click link) - they are happening every other week. This will still allow for each campus to develop community while also allowing the MSM staff to pull our resources together in this season.

Why is Squad Night only offered at Morrisville Campus? 
We have a heart and desire for squad nights to return to all campuses. We are in the process of hiring more staff to be able to put the proper time and energy into squad nights for each campus. We value safe environments for students and having the key staff in place will allow us to have fun, safe, and relevant squad nights for each campus in the near future. We are praying for a full return of squad nights for each campus for Fall 2018.

If my student wants to attend Squad Night, do they have to go to Morrisville?
Currently, Morrisville is the only campus that is offering squad nights. Hazardous happens every other week. If your student is desiring to connect with their peers, I would encourage you to spend the time allowing your student to invite their friends from church, school, and community to your house, local park, or something similar as way to connect with them. We won't turn anyone away from attending another campuses Squad Night, however we do see the value students being part of a community they are known.