MSM Small Group: Created Series

MSM Small Group: Created Series

Hey Parents!  Our next MSM Small Group series includes some controversial topics, so we wanted to give you all the details so you can see exactly what we are teaching in MSM Small Groups this February.  Below is our series outline with notes and links to both our videos and leader guides.  At the very bottom we also have two great guides to further resources on same-sex attraction, homosexuality, and gender identity.

Series Title: Created
Teaching Topic: Theology
Series Main Point: God created and designed everything, even you and me, for a purpose. Along the way, things became broken in our world, our relationships with God, and our relationships with each other. Sin broke creation's perfect relationship with God, but through Jesus we can be restored.

WEEK 1: God Created the World (February 4 & 5)
Week 1 Video (Password: msmleader)
Week 1 Leader Guide
Main Scriptures: Genesis 1:1-24 & Hebrews 11:1-3
Secondary Scriptures: Jeremiah 32:17 & Psalm 147:5
Main Points:  (1) God created the Universe.
(2) You can trust God even when you can’t see all the details.
Important Notes:
  - Faith and science are NOT enemies
  - When they disagree, it comes down what do you trust more: man’s observations or God’s word?

WEEK 2: God Created You and Me (February 11 & 12)
Week 2 Video (password: msmleader)
Week 2 Leader Guide
Main Scriptures: Genesis 1:27-31 & 2:18-24
Main Point: God created and designed you for a very good purpose.
Important Notes:
  - Emphasizing that God has a purpose and design to create the male and female genders
  - Male and female are complimentary and intentional designed by our Creator
  - Will not directly teach about transgender, but small group leaders are prepared to have truthful, loving conversations if students bring up questions

WEEK 3: God Created Others (February 18 & 19)
Week 3 Video (Password: msmleader)
Week 3 Leader Guide
Main Scripture: Romans 12:17-21
Main Points:  (1) God created other people, even those who disagree with you.  (2) You can disagree with someone and still love them.
Important Notes:
  - Disagreement does NOT equal hatred
  - Natural reflex vs. Holy Spirit reflex (We are called pay back with love)

WEEK 4: Christ Restores Creation (February 25 & 26)
Week 4 Video (Password: msmleader)
Week 4 Leader Guide
Main Scriptures: Colossians 1:15-22, Romans 3:23, Leviticus 18:22
Main Point: Sin broke creation’s perfect relationship with God, but through Jesus’ sacrifice our relationship can be restored.
Important Notes:
  - Sin came and broke creation’s perfect relationship with God
  - Sin defined not by our opinion, but by God’s Word and includes acting out on homosexual thoughts and feelings
  - This message will be longer than normal and will include clips from Pastor Mike’s 2015 interview with Sam Allberry

For more resources:
Further Parent Resources (Same-sex Attraction, Homosexuality, Gender Dysphoria)
I have a student who is dealing with homosexuality or gender identity

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