MSM SG - Explore God

MSM SG - Explore God

MSM SG – Explore God

Hey Parents!

What We’re Learning in Small Groups the 5 weeks after Easter: EXPLORE GOD
We’ve all had questions about life and God: What is God like? Is He always there for us? Is the Bible reliable? The answers to these questions really drive the purpose and direction of our lives, yet sometimes it’s hard to know how to get these answers. These questions are BIG and there is no way to answer the question completely. We are going to start exploring the answers to these big questions about God together. Honestly, your student may come home with more questions than answers as they start to wrestle with these truths. We want to provide a safe space for them to express their thoughts and feelings and hear what God’s Word has to say on these subjects. We hope you will continue the discussion at home.

Starting a Conversation:

  • “What are some questions you have about God?”
  • “How are you looking for those answers? How can I help you in your search?”


We also have a more in-depth discussion guide for parents to lead their children of all ages here:

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