Lyndell's Piece of Mind 2/11

Lyndell's Piece of Mind 2/11

Hey Guys! It's Lyndell again.

These past weeks at MSM was AMAZING. We had the opportunity to see God do great things at Hazardous two Wednesdays ago, as 8 students came to Jesus! The family just got a little bigger. God is good!

Also THANK YOU for helping make Hazardous a place where things like this can happen!

We have also been discussing the changes that we face physically, emotionallym and spiritually, and even though these aren't easy topics to talk about, its been really cool to be able to ask and answer question, and encourage each other in our walk with Christ. We are all in this together!


P.S. Any of you watch the Superbowl!? Wild stuff right!?

P.S.S. AND HEY! Have you signed up for All ACCESS WEEKEND!? The deadline IS WEDNESDAY. THAT'S HAZARDOUS DAY!!

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