Live at Lunch #2: The Talk… Have the Conversation

Live at Lunch: The Talk... Start the conversation

Live at Lunch: The Talk...Parent Cue:

Posted by Hope Middle School Students on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reference for the Live At Lunch - Parent Cue - The Talk (Downloadable PDF)

5 Things to Help you have Healthy Conversations: 
1. Just Listen
2. Encourage
3. Say, "I don't know."
4. Be Kind
5. Be Patient

The entire series for MSM's The Talk Series is organized here: The Talk - MSM SG Series

Accountability Software (Extra Resource)
(Research and determine what is best for your family, there are more options out there. If you find a great resource, please share with us)

Ever Accountable -

Accountable2you app

Covenant eyes

Net Nanny -

Triple X Church is a Free Resource -



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