Hazardous Recap: House Party Series

Hazardous Recap: House Party Series

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve talked about a few things, all of them revolving around this idea that God is always calling us to the next level of in our relationship with Him. If you’re in this room God is Inviting you into a life joy, peace and a relationship with Him- a family. Not judgement, not ridicule- family.

For those of us that are in a relationship with Jesus, We are called to step into and step up to what God has created us to do now, not when the world says we’re old enough, or when our peers, our teachers even our parents say we are old enough. God created this age because it matters now.

For the last week of Hazardous we took a look at Romans 3:28-31

Last night, we endeavored tackle a big elephant in the room. Students have been struggling with a perception that can get in the way  we see God- and the basic idea is that "If God's love is free, then why does Christianity feel like paying him back for it"

The reality, though is that we don't pay for God's invitation- we respond to it.

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