Hazardous Road Signs Recap Week1: Direction

Hazardous Road Signs Recap Week1: Direction

"Our direction, not our intention determines our destination."

This was the main them this past week at Hazardous. For the Road Signs series, we've been walking with students both in small groups and at Hazardous through conversations about their walk with Christ.

Week 1 of the Road Signs series kicked off with new games, a new series but same tribe centric atmosphere. Tribes are still going strong at Hazardous. Raleigh walked away with a game time victory to ge the night started, and students from all over the triangle jumped and sang during worship(my favorite). It has been cool to watch friendships form and develop on Wednesdy nights, especially during the freedom of praising God with music.

Kerry posed the idea that our direction, not our intention determines our destination. A unique way of saying it; but if you wanted to take a road trip to Florida but followed all of the steps to get you to New York, getting to Florida would be impossible(no matter how badly or strongly you intended on getting there)!

Direction, however requires choices. Kerry read an eye witness account from Proverbs written by King Solomon; who observes a young man making the kinds of decision that would ruin his life. Solomon uses the opportunity to warn his sons(and our students) about thinking through where your choices will lead.

A similar principle applies with our goals as well. Imagine if I(or a middle schooler) wanted to make honor roll, but hardly did their homework. Maybe you want to make the basketball team, but you never practice your skill. Now matter you want for or intend for something to happen, it is your direction that determines your destination.


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