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On September 7, we are launching FB Live @ Lunch. It will be a Facebook Live Streaming event during the typical lunch break.

Topic: What is Lit? The technology age is upon us, where language is more in emoji’s and txt language than in full sentences. What they like and think is cool is very unique. Asking questions like, where do they hang out online? Who is snapchat? Where did Jeeves Go? That’s just some of what the discussion will be about when we go Live. Read More

Best of the Mess – Welcome to MSM & Block 1: 7 Generation Z St…

Best of the Mess – Welcome to MSM & Block 1: 7 Generation Z Statistics

Posted by Hope Middle School Students on Saturday, July 22, 2017

At Small Group Camp you will be able to…

Sleep in a train car w/ ac, Eat meals family-style with your small group, Play ridiculous Rec games, Hear awesome talks, Pick a favorite break out, Sit around a bon fire, Get a chance to win a ride on the “Red Shark,” Watch your small group leaders in some crazy skits, Select a free time activity,  & even get some sleep all in one weekend! Read More

Hazardous tonight, Haz42 registration opens, & an exciting Squad Night offer!

Hazardous doors open at Apex Campus at 6:30pm! Shuttles will be leaving from both Raleigh and Morrisville Campuses at 6:15pm. Pizza will be served at all campuses. A night of games, squad friends, a challenging talk and music that will have your up on their feet singing and dancing. Pick up at Apex is 8:15pm and from Shuttle locations is 8:30pm. Read More

Hey Parents!  Our next MSM Small Group series includes some controversial topics, so we wanted to give you all the details so you can see exactly what we are teaching in MSM Small Groups this February.  Below is our series outline with notes and links to both our videos and leader guides.  At the very bottom we also have two great guides to further resources on same-sex attraction, homosexuality, and gender identity.

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