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Hey Parents!  Our next MSM Small Group series includes some controversial topics, so we wanted to give you all the details so you can see exactly what we are teaching in MSM Small Groups this February.  Below is our series outline with notes and links to both our videos and leader guides.  At the very bottom we also have two great guides to further resources on same-sex attraction, homosexuality, and gender identity.

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What is camp?
Small group camp exists to provide a unique and exciting environment where students will get a weekend away focused on community and on the small group.

What is the vision?
The vision of camp is to strengthen the bond between students and their leaders, peers, and ultimately Jesus. Read More

Best of the Mess is an annual event that Middle School ministry hosts that blends the large group experience of Hazardous with the wild crazy fun of outdoor recreation(with a messy twist)! It costs $6 to attend and any new 6th graders can come, so invite a friend! Read More

God has a reason for everything, the past few months I’ve had some rough stuff going on but what really gets me through it is knowing the there is a reason and God has a plan for me. If you are patient, you may see the reasons or you may never know why, just know that there is a why and that all these tough situations can help you grow in your faith. The reason may be simple or extremely complex just know for everything big or little there is one.

My story begins before I was born, my parents were going to have a baby before my older sister was born. He/she died before it was born, it was hard on my parents.

Next my older sister was born and a year and 11 months later I was born. But something was wrong, I had a really bad breathing problem, I had to stay in the hospital for an extra three days. This problem continued through preschool and I grew out of it right before kindergarden.

This was hard for me. I was a non-christian k-3 grade and I truly accepted Christ in 4th grade. It was mainly because I need Him. My cousin had attempted killing herself. That was hard on me because this was a first, I’ve been in private school my whole life, and I have been sheltered from the bad things in the world.

And just to add to the horrible things my grandfather had taken a really bad fall and passed away. At the end of 5th grade my family thought God was calling us to move, but he told us to stay after a few months we had to homeschool for those months, but sadly a teacher at the private school I had gone to before got sick with cancer, and my mother is currently substituting for her.

I am currently attending a Christian School, but it is possible I’m not going to be back there next year. I need prayers for strength. For if we do not go back to this school my life will be turned upside down.