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Hazardous tonight, Haz42 registration opens, & an exciting Squad Night offer!

Hazardous doors open at Apex Campus at 6:30pm! Shuttles will be leaving from both Raleigh and Morrisville Campuses at 6:15pm. Pizza will be served at all campuses. A night of games, squad friends, a challenging talk and music that will have your up on their feet singing and dancing. Pick up at Apex is 8:15pm and from Shuttle locations is 8:30pm. Read More

This weekend was designed just for the 6th-8th grade Hazardous student and we’re so excited to have been able  to provide students who weren’t plugged into a regular small group a safe, fun and memorable weekend to call their own.

Haz42 has come and gone, and we’ve seen so many lives impacted as a result. With over 180 students in attendance, many of them had the opportunity to experience small groups for the very first time. OVER 20 STUDENTS MET JESUS FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, and many more stood up in recognition that they got to experience Him in a new way. AMAZING.

Student ministry is constantly looking to improve upon the experience that middle school students have in MSM at Hope, but there is no substitute for what God does to change a life. We re excited for what we’ll be able to do and how we’ll watch God work though this event next year.