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At Small Group Camp you will be able to…

Sleep in a train car w/ ac, Eat meals family-style with your small group, Play ridiculous Rec games, Hear awesome talks, Pick a favorite break out, Sit around a bon fire, Get a chance to win a ride on the “Red Shark,” Watch your small group leaders in some crazy skits, Select a free time activity,  & even get some sleep all in one weekend! Read More

What is camp?
Small group camp exists to provide a unique and exciting environment where students will get a weekend away focused on community and on the small group.

What is the vision?
The vision of camp is to strengthen the bond between students and their leaders, peers, and ultimately Jesus. Read More

We all need a little help sometimes, and we want your student to be a part of everything that Middle School Ministries has to offer! Below is the download link for the Financial Assistance form. This form MUST be filled out in order to receive financial Assistance for an event. Click on the link below to download the form. Fax and office numbers are on the form as well as our email address.

Financial Assistance Form