Best of the Mess Recap

Best of the Mess Recap

What an incredible weekend! With over 115 students registered for Best of the Mess, we knew it would be a wild ride; but even after having done this event a few times over, very few things can prepare you for the excitement of a brand new 6th grade student.

Friday night meant that parents were given a window into what life as a new middle school parent would be like, Kerry led a time specifically for parents. This time was dedicated to setting the bar high for what can be expected of us as a ministry as well as what we will challenge students to be a part of as they mature over the next few years.

Meanwhile, the students were getting see what Hazardous would look like. Some of these were seeing Hazardous for the very first time! Worship, Games, and a message from CJ was a very cool way to welcome them to their first official middle school event!

After another time of worship and teaching Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon more than earned Best of the Mess its name. From a slip and slide race to shaving cream war, over 100 students ran around Grace Christian soccer fields in what was a fantastic and delightfully messy welcoming party.

Best of the Mess 2015 was a great start to a new school year. The momentum from this event will be felt at small groups and Hazardous for a long time and we are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do through the lives of students and leaders this year.

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