Best of the Mess 2015!

Best of the Mess 2015!

Best of the Mess is an annual event that Middle School ministry hosts that blends the large group experience of Hazardous with the wild crazy fun of outdoor recreation(with a messy twist)! It costs $6 to attend and any new 6th graders can come, so invite a friend!

Who is it for?
Best of the mess is intended specifically for the rising 6th grade student.

Quick Details:
Dates: Friday August 21st - Saturday the 22nd
Location: Morrisville Campus. 1000 Perimeter Park Drive, Morrisville, NC
Cost: $6 to register a student (Start Registration Process Below).
Times: Friday - Doors open for Registration at 6:30pm. Service & Parent Meeting 7-8:30pm
Saturday - Drop off at 9:00am at Morrisville Campus &
pickup at 3:00pm at Grace Soccer Fields. (Across the street from Raleigh Campus) 821 Buck Jones Rd. Raleigh, NC
Parents: Friday Meeting Just For You! 7 - 8:30pm.

Why is it important?
First impressions are extremely important, especially to the 6th grader. In middle school ministry at Hope we don’t just believe in a good first impression but good LASTING impressions as well.

Why do we do it?
This event is built to create lasting memories. There are student who are now entering or are in High school who remember their Best of the Mess experience. We want to provide that opportunity to every student entering into student ministry while also making an epic first impression.

Parents, We believe that middle school is an experience we do together! This is why while we are showing your student what Hazardous looks like, there is a parent meeting Friday night from 7-8:30. This is a place where you can gain some insight, encouragement and ask questions as your student makes his or her transition into middle school! Let's partner together through this phase.

Register RIGHT HERE to reserve your student's spot at the best welcoming party ever.


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