All Access!

All Access!

What is All Access?

All Access is a weekend meant to engage, challenge, and encourage students in their walk with Christ. Over the course of the weekend, students will get the opportunity to connect with other students and leaders, grow in their relationship with God, and discover things both about themselves and about the bible that will hopefully stay with them forever.

This year, we will evaluate the things that matter most to us based on what the world says and what God says. Our society constantly tries to convince us that we need to be the best, the smartest, richest, or the most popular in order to be successful. We want to make this clear: God's view of success is different from ours. His rewards are different. Students will be challenged to ask: what drives YOU?

Who can go?

Any student can go, no matter where you live of who you are friends with. The only qualification is that you are a middle school student in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.


Well, from a student's perspective, who wouldn't want almost 3 days away from home including 5 fantastic meals, a free T-shirt, 2 nights spent with friends, and extreme recreation time?

As a parent, we know you want your child to experience the best this life has to offer. As a middle school ministries staff, we know that the best this life has to offer is found in a relationship with God. All Access is a weekend built for students in every stage, and will be a chance for some to learn things they had never known before. Some students might even meet God for the very first time. We want your student to have that chance, but believe us when we tell you; YOU want your student to attend All Access Weekend!


All Access is February 28-March 2nd. There will be an All Access Weekend kickoff party Thursday night, February 27th! The kick off party will be from 7pm-8:30pm.

Does it cost?

In order to pay for things like transportation and food, All Access does in fact cost. But it is well worth it at $45. Each student can even bring a non hope friend for free!

Where is it?

All Access weekend kicks off at the Crossroads building of Hope Community Church @ 1101 Buck Jones Road, Raleigh.


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