AAW Prayer Calendar

AAW Prayer Calendar

Prayer Calendar


1. Do all for the glory of God. Love God. Love and serve others. God’s will to be done.

2 Holy Spirit to prepare hearts.  Seed to fall on good soil and bear much fruit.

3 Protection from illnesses, accidents, and scheduling conflicts.  All plans of the enemy to be thwarted.

4 Boldness to invite friends. Acceptance of invitations by friends and parents. God to lay a specific friend on each heart to invite and invest in.

5 Attendance- Everyone God wants to be there will register, attend, receive all He has for them.  For God to provide all funds.

6  Staff, their time and their families.

7  Administrative details to flow.

8 Salvation, healing, restitution, and restoration for each student.  That each will have a personal, life-changing encounter with Jesus.

9 Quiet time with God for all staff, volunteers, and students to prepare hearts.

10 Order, good organization and protection of the entire weekend. All directed by God.

11 Parents to support, help, encourage.  For each family to be positively impacted by this weekend.

12 God to match students to hosting families, small group leaders and other students.

13 Hosting families, small group leaders to connect with students, respect and love.

14  Students to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  Purity, holiness, devotion, freedom from sin.

15 Show love, grace, humility, patience through words and actions, of one accord.

16 Unity among all, servant’s hearts, submit to authority, work as unto the Lord.

17 Students eager to participate in all events and feel connected and included.  No bullying or unkindness.  Love one another.

18 Prayer would be prevalent during the retreat among adults and students. Students will learn to love prayer.

19 Good discussion times throughout the weekend, openness to share and receive.  Safe, secure environment.

20 No distractions, people on time, equipment works properly, rooms comfortable.  Facilities and tech team.

21 Students to have courage to live boldly for Jesus.  Be doers of the Word.

22 Speakers- anointed, clarity, favor with students, wisdom, safe travel.

23  Worship Band--anointed, true worship to take place, students to become worshippers in their everyday lives.

24 Students to grow in wisdom and spiritual  understanding.  Eph 1:17-18,  Col 1:9-12

25 Students receive a Bible. Hunger for God’s Word in heart. Pray and hear God’s voice.

26 Volunteers/ Staff- wisdom, discernment, compassion, serving, high energy. Small group leaders to show up in force.

27 Safe travel for all, safety at Crossroads and home locations, rec time, weather.#

28 Check in, connect well with other students and adults, feel comfortable, no fear.  Luggage to get to correct homes.


1 Repentance, salvation, surrender, trust, obey, filling of the Spirit, discipleship.

2 Eagerness to grow and a greater passion for Jesus, apply what they learned.

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