2013 Best of the Mess Recap

2013 Best of the Mess Recap

MESSY MESS MESS! That's what happened during Best of the Mess 2013 edition! Our rising 6th graders got to experience how we do things in middle school ministry (or referred to as MSM)! They experienced Hazardous, so they will be prepared when Hazardous kicks off on Sept 4th, 2013. They were grouped into teams, which will resemble small groups, which happens August 24/25, 2013 at all Campuses! Everyone involved gave it their all and made the BEST out of the MESS!

During both night sessions, we showed them Hazardous. LEAVE NOTHING was our theme, as we used football illustrations, videos, and quotes to bring out the point that your time in Middle School isn't about sitting on the bench. It is about Leaving Nothing on the Bench... actually getting in the game. To be plugged in, show up, and involved with the things we have going on. But it doesn't just stop there, Jesus really wants us to LEAVE NOTHING on the FIELD. He wants us to be ALL IN, to give it our all, and come to follow Him with everything. As a MSM team, we are convinced, if students can learn this process now, it will make Middle... and High School much better.

Saturday was surely full of pictures! Starting off with a photo scavenger hunt. Teams assembled (by gender and campus/ service times)! They left in vans all over the area to get the most points. Team 1 dominated the course with meticulous planning as to the pictures they took... Great job team 1! After some pizza (welcome to MSM, we serve lots of pizza) we got messy. In the same teams, they challenged in games like, Breakfast Tug O War, Flour War, Shaving Cream Domination, Condiment Balloon Pop, & a Water Slide! Students were awesome out there, and I don't think I heard a single kid complain. Even after all the wins, spirit points, nothing could catch up to Team 1's dominance in the photo scavenger hunt. It was amazing how a little effort goes a long way!

Students... we are proud of you. We can't wait to see you get plugged in and involved in small groups and hazardous this upcoming year. Parents, keep asking questions, as we are here for you. Your student is growing up, and thanks for being a champion for us and allowing them to join us this past weekend.

Lastly, my personal favorite part of the whole weekend happened when the band led us in worship, the leader stepped back and all you could hear was the sound of a room full of new 6th grade students worshipping God. That got me so pumped up and excited for the time this crew will have in middle school! I'm praying for them, and for their parents to continue following after God!

What is your student saying about their experience? Leave us a comment below... Let us know.


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